(Nova Brimhast – Aroyga) Diagnostic & Health Management
Arogya is an advanced Vigilant and Surviellance Management Solution, in which each Cabinet is monitored on Real Time basis from Command Centre for Health Management as well as Proactive Diagnostic & Alert Management such as :
Pixel to Pixel Monitoring
Power Consumption / SMPS Monitoring
Fan Cycle Management
Heat Monitoring
Smoke and Fire Monitoring
Cable Connect Monitoring
Control Card Functionality Monitoring
Instant Alert Management via SMS/ Email
Door Control Monitoring (Video Screen)

(Nova Brimhast – Varna) Color Calibration Management

Varna is an advanced Color Calibration which provides Uniform Color Tone balancing.
It also has the feature to bring Color Balancing at a future date in the event of replacement of sub panels in a cabinet so that at all times , there is uniformity in the Video / Images of the display system even with Time Decay.