ITW is a subsidiary of Technology Frontiers (India) Pvt Ltd.

ITW has been associated with various sports such as – Cricket, Motorsports, Golf, Polo, Hockey, Football, Tennis, and Kabaddi.
ITW’s vision is to utilize its passion and analytical knowledge of different sports to help its clientele to get involved in the business of sports. The brands receive an opportunity to engage with a broader target audience, aligning their core brand values to that of a particular sport.

Strategic Sports Investment Consulting

As a novel addition to your marketing strategy, we introduce sports investment as an opportunity to unravel a niche side of advertising for a better Return on Investment (ROI). Our comprehensive knowledge of local markets, consumer ethics, and sports in general, provides you the required assistance in leveraging your investment to exceed expectations.
Sponsorship Sales & Activation
Our expertise lies in negotiating, managing, and activating sponsorships to build strong brand visibility, and recall, providing a greater marketing platform which helps in building a better connect with target audiences.
Franchise & League DevelopmentWe provide specific assistance to develop franchises and sporting entities which result in long-term revenue generation for investors and promoters. This includes framing a compact strategy which nurtures constant evolution of the brand.

On Ground Production

End-to-end production services on-ground across stadia for a sporting event are executed in compliance with a strategy aiming to meet all expectations. Utilizing specialist skills in basic ground setup, in-stadia branding, event operations, accreditations, and hospitality, the event is turned into a spectacle worth recalling.

In-stadia Branding & Activation

In-stadia branding activation plans help brands to cut through the crowd to reach their target audience resulting in maximum ROI. Customised solutions, right from on-ground branding to consumer activation setups, ensure maximum visibility.

Print Syndication
Print Syndication is an effective channel which allows brands to showcase themselves in the traditional print media – newspapers and magazines – through exclusive topical content written by experienced players or analysts.

Rights Acquisition & Sales
Post acquisition of exclusive property rights from sporting bodies and associations, we develop strategic tie-ups with eminent brands, getting them associated with major televised sporting events.

It begins with arranging a seamless experience for important stakeholders of a company visiting sports events and destinations globally. In-stadia hospitality during sporting events helps in creating an apt atmosphere for giving a brand’s investors, guests, and/or employees an opportunity to interact freely as they experience a game.

Licensing Advisory
We provide advisory services in the area of sporting licenses to our clients helping them in planning licensing strategies, contract negotiations, trademark registration, and various royalty collections.

Athlete Management
We guide sports personalities on brand endorsements, public appearances, image enhancing activities, and career shaping. This helps them in attaining significant media coverage, and productive experiences which further enhances their brand value.